September Python Pune meetup 2019

Python on AWS at Shoptimize

  • Speaker: Abhijeet Kendurkar and Rohan Purekar
  • Description: Abhijeet talks about Shoptimize’s journey so far. Rohan covers how Shoptimize uses Python to save cost and optimize their infrastructure.
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Hidden Secrets of Python

  • Speaker: Chaitanya Rahalkar and Anushka Virgaonkar
  • Description: Chaitanya and Anushka cover few interesting Python modules, which can help people to do the complex things in an easy and the right way. Using itertools module, the secrets module to generate secure random numbers are examples of such cases.
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[lightning talk] log.today

  • Speaker: Sundeep Anand
  • Description: Sundeep talks about tendency to set short term goals and put some efforts achieving it. He also introduces his tool, which can keep us on track minimizing random efforts and keep ourselves more focused.
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Regular Expressions - A Closer Look

  • Speaker: Deepa
  • Description: In this talk Deepa discusses how regular expressions play an important role in the day-to-day tasks of a software engineer, and how much time and effort can be saved by using regular expressions and other string manipulation tools.
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