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This was a first ever event where all the Python user groups across India collaborated together. As this meetup was not conducted according to our regular work flow, we don’t have proposals, recording etc.

Understanding SOLID design principles

  • Speaker: Prakash Tripathi ( Twitter)
  • Description: Prakash explained SOLID principles with very simple examples.

The website story

  • Speaker: Arjoonn Sharma
  • Description: Arjoonn started with explaining basics of a socket connection. The discussion covered DNS, static sites and different components of a big website.

Approximation Techniques for multidimensional queries using Datasketches library

  • Speaker: Srimathi Harinarayanan
  • Description: This talk covers details about different types of queries on data, use cases of querying real time data. Srimathi also covered details about the Sketch proof and the Datasketches library.

The Twelve Factor Snake

Documenting your next Python Project

  • Speaker: Vipul Gupta
  • Description: Vipul talks about the MIXTER documentation initiative. He covers different stages of a project and how to document the project while working on it.
  • References:

How I submitted my first Core Python patch

  • Speaker: Abhijeet Kasurde ( Twitter)
  • Description: Abhijeet talks about his experience contributing to Python. He covers the details about the bug tracking system, triaging bugs. He shows the work flow of creating bugs, making changes, contributing patch etc.
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NOTE: You can reach out to the speaker on the proposal page if you want to discuss anything about this talk.