October Python Pune meetup 2019

A Very basic Python Virtual Machine which executes Python byte code

  • Speaker: Shinto C V
  • Description: Shinto demonstrates his project, which is a toy python-virtual-machine. It takes a Python bytecode and executes it. He shows how Python bytecode looks like and an intermediate assembly like code generated from that bytecode for easy understanding.
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Functional testing using Python

  • Speaker: Soniya Vyas
  • Description: In this talk, Soniya does a walk through of What/Why and How aspects of Functional testing. And also covers the difference between Unit testing and Functional testing.
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Building Serverless Microservices with Zappa

  • Speaker: Abdulwahid Barguzar
  • Description: In this talk, Abdulwahid gives an overview about microservices, ways to deploy them. Then he explains what is serverless and how it’s beneficial over traditional approach. He showcases power of the Zappa tool, which can make it easy to deploy microservices written in Python on AWS lambda.
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  • Speaker: Ravina More
  • Description: In this talk, Ravina demonstrates the approach that she used to remove named entities from a legal query to improve the legal extraction. This helps to find a resolved legal case that is similar to your case, which is important as well as difficult to achieve even when you have sufficient amount of historical data.
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