November Python Pune meetup 2019

Machine Learning With Python using Scikit-Learn

  • Speaker: Rohit Walimbe
  • Description: Rohit starts with basic overview of machine learning using Python in general. He then takes audience through different features of the Scikit-Learn package. Talks about different algorithms which are available in the package followed by a demo using Jupyter notebook.
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Demystifying Chatbots

  • Speaker: Shivam Sinha
  • Description: In this very interesting talk, Shivam covers what are the types/levels of chat bots. He also talks about what are the current trends in the chat bots as service types of services. He dives into what goes behind the scenes for all this chat bots, how to improve them.
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Friendly Introduction to Machine Learning

  • Speaker: Santosh Vijapure
  • Description: In this talk, Santosh starts with what is machine learning. He then covers topics like why we need it, how it’s different, real world use cases etc
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Discussion about IRC

  • Speaker: Tejas Sanap
  • Description: We had a really nice discussion about Internet Relay Chat (IRC). How it can help, how it is used by most of the FLOSS communities. This discussion was lead by Tejas.