May PythonPune meetup 2020

Life of a CVE

  • Speaker: Yadnyawalkya Tale
  • Description: In this talk Yadnyawalkya introduces different terms and models industry uses to keep track of vulnerabilities. He takes the audience to the journey of a CVE. The talk covers definition of things like CVE, vulnerability, flaws etc. This also covers information about how get a CVE id, naming, CVE authority and many more valuable details.
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Things you can do to make your pet projects better

  • Speaker: Girish Joshi
  • Description: In this introductory but important talk Girish covers important things you can do for your pet projects. The talk covers things like project scaffolding, dependency management, testing, documentation, CI, packaging and finally how to publish the project. He gives high level overview of best practices to follow.
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