March PythonPune meetup 2020

This was a first ever virtual event of PythonPune where everyone connected remotely. We had a good turn around on the YouTube live stream. Read more about our live streaming setup here.

Design Patterns and Python: Creational Patterns

  • Speaker: A.P. Rajshekhar
  • Description: In this talk, A.P. introduced everyone to design patterns. He covered details like when to use these patterns, why one should use them. This talk covered the creational patterns like singleton and factory pattern. We had a nice discussion around how one should design things by following these patterns etc.
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Using Pipeline scripts in Jenkins

  • Speaker: Kumar Vipin Yadav
  • Description: In this talk about Jenkins pipelines, Vipin talked about how pipelines are more portable and better than traditional jobs. He covered all the points by taking an example of simple Selenium based test case. At the end of this talk, we had discussions about passing data from one stage to the next one, manipulating environments variables and so on.
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