June Python Pune meetup 2019

Logging in Python

  • Speaker: Akshay Gaikwad
  • Description: In simple term, logging is a way to understand what is going on inside an application. It can help programmer to understand flow of a program. With logging, it is easy to constantly look at the flow that an application going through. Python has simple and powerful logging module as standard library from 2.3, which described in PEP-282.
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Web app to control my AC over the internet

  • Speaker: Chaitanya Mathkar
  • Description: An overview of the raspberry-pi project in which, a web app used to control the air conditioner in the room from anywhere. Flask, the micro web framework are used to build the app. Celery, python module to run asynchronous tasks. MQTT protocol and paho-MQTT module to send data to multiple devices.
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GNU Emacs - tool for all your editing needs

  • Speaker: Bhavin Gandhi
  • Description: We spend most of our time writing things, be it code, documentation, blog post, emails etc. The tool that one uses to write things should be something which is highly configurable and focuses more on productivity. This talk will cover reasons why one should use GNU Emacs, it will cover various things Emacs can do out of the box. How it’s possible to extend it for various programming languages and editing needs.
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