July Python Pune meetup 2019

Python for simulating Poker Games

  • Speaker: Abhijit Gadgil
  • Description: This talk is about the proposal that is submitted to Pycon India 2019. We look at simulating Poker games as a way of getting started thinking in Python, that is in terms of it’s built-ins core constructs and standard libraries.
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Advanced Twitter Scraping using Twint

  • Speaker: Sourav Singh
  • Description: When we want to scrape tweets from Twitter, we are limited by API limits. Twint is an advanced tool for scraping tweets from Twitter without any need of an API key. Twint can also do advanced scraping like scraping tweets based on a location, scraping only tweets of a verified person on a topic and many others.
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Dask distributed computing (more power to pandas and numpy array)

  • Speaker: Satyam Soni
  • Description: Parallel processing with pandas data frame and numpy array. Talking over memory issues with pandas. Improving performance measures.
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